About Us

Who Are We?
In a Word… You!

Weave was created at an institution by higher education professionals just like you. We’ve used Weave on our campuses, and we understand the unique challenges facing institutions, programs, faculty, and staff. In other words, we’ve been in your shoes.

We’re not just another software company. We’re a passionate partner, committed to helping you get the most out of your assessment and accreditation.

Our mission is to improve student learning through assessment and we do this by providing software solutions and expertise for institutional and programmatic effectiveness.

我们的方法是提供强大的软件解决方案,为您的工作带来价值,而不是复杂性. With technology costs in higher education exploding, 我们致力于以任何规模的机构都能负担得起的成本提供市场上最友好的软件.


See why 500+ institutions use Weave to streamline their accreditation, assessment and credentialing processes and improve the assessment experience for everyone.

It’s All About the People

After 12 years of consistent leadership, our team is still comprised of practitioners from institutions. We’re a values-driven team of educators, administrators, and technologists—all dedicated to simplifying the management of institutional effectiveness.

Amy DykensAmy Dykens, EdD

CEO & President

在2012年加入Weave之前,作为教务长助理,Amy成功地领导了bwin时时彩平台报告工作. 这种经验和作为bwin时时彩平台审核员的服务指导了Weave的产品开发和用户体验.  Her research interests include high-impact educational practices, learning assessment, institutional effectiveness and higher education policy.

Sheri PoppSheri Popp, EdD

Director, Professional Development

雪莉在一所小学院担任了八年的评估和机构有效性副院长, where Weave played an important part in the assessment program. Prior to that, she spent 14 years as a K-12 classroom teacher. She is passionate about sound educational practices, 包括让院校在满足bwin时时彩平台要求的同时改善学生学习的评估.

Jennifer GrayJennifer Gray, MSW

Director, Product Experience

As the Director of Institutional Effectiveness at a SUNY school, Jen’s valuable knowledge shapes the Weave user experience. 自2012年加入团队以来,Jen已经领导了超过150家机构使用Weave,并通过完善Weave的界面和功能,将他们的反馈转化为行动.

BoutsakisVag Boutsakis

Lead Product Developer, UI/UX

With over 15 years of programming and development experience, Vag is a critical part of Weave’s software. 他创造吸引人的、直观的界面的技能也为机构提供了强大的帮助,帮助了数以千计的用户在他们的IE工作. 他在预测最终用户体验和创建工作流程方面有诀窍,这些工作流程既高效又易于使用.

Jordan DentonJordan Denton

Manager, Customer Engagement

Jordan spent five years doing assessment work on a campus, 包括与教职员工合作,制定有意义的评估计划,最大限度地利用Weave. She continues that same great work as part of the team, and adds to it by helping people think through creative ways to use our solutions.

Brian LodisBrian Lodis

Senior UX Designer

With over 16 years in design, Brian improves the Weave experience throughout our solutions. 他参与了与高等教育专业人员的工作,如何Weave可以解决挑战的IE工作通过一个直观的界面. 他富有创造性的观点确保Weave用户在任何类型的机构中都能灵活地使用最佳实践工作流程.

Victor RiveraVictor Rivera

Manager, Product Experience

在2018年加入Weave之前,Victor在两家大公司拥有优秀的客户服务经验. 他力求通过周到的问题和仔细的倾听,提供尽可能准确和专业的服务.

Matt UreyMatt Urey

Executive Director, Business Services

Matt已经在Weave工作了15年,利用他作为招生助理主任的背景来帮助我们的团队和业务办公室的客户. With a degree in writing and graphic design, Matt is also an important part of the events and marketing teams at Weave.

M Velonakis Mike Velonakis

UX/UI Developer

Mike has a long experience in front end development in various industries. 他喜欢有条不紊、始终如一地工作,总是想着最好的用户体验. 他对项目每个部分的工作流的感知和对细节的关注帮助用户保持良好的用户体验.

Weave Knowledge Center Experts

BiscotteDr. Stephen Biscotte, PhD

Director of General Education,
Virginia Tech

Dr. Biscotte has devoted much of his professional research to general education. He has given various presentations as well as facilitated workshops on innovative structures, university reform efforts, and program evaluation both locally and nationally. Prior to his role at Virginia Tech, for 10 years he taught high school courses in anatomy and physiology, biology, and physical science.

MarzilianoAnthony Marziliano, MS

Director for Academic Assessment, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences,
St. John’s University

With 10+ years of higher education assessment experience, Anthony manages all assessment workflow and leads in scholarship and publishing efforts. His research includes higher education assessment, qualitative methods for improved student learning, goal achievement and outcomes, and quantitative statistical analysis of student learning.

Tisha ParedesDr. Tisha Paredes, PhD

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment,
Old Dominion University

Dr. Paredes于2005年开始在IE办公室担任研究生助理,并在那里担任过几个职位. In her former role, 她与教员和工作人员密切合作,制定评估计划和报告,并监测SACSCOC为该机构制定的标准. Tisha is an experienced presenter, consultant, and author.

Sheri PoppDr. Sheri Popp, EdD

Director of Professional Development,
Weave Education

雪莉在一所小学院担任了八年的评估和机构有效性副院长, where Weave played an important part in the assessment program. Prior to that, she spent 14 years as a K-12 classroom teacher. She is passionate about sound educational practices, 包括让院校在满足bwin时时彩平台要求的同时改善学生学习的评估.

Joy RowJoy Row, MBA

Senior Data Analyst, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning,
Temple College

Ms. Row与系主任和部门主任密切合作,制定评估计划,允许教职员工评估和展示他们的工作,而不是bwin时时彩平台. Temple College will officially receive reaccreditation in June, 2021, having no recommendations cited in the compliance report or the on-site visit.

Ray Van DykeDr. Ray Van Dyke, EdD

Senior Vice President Emeritus,
Weave Academy

Ray是一名IE专业人士,在机构研究领域拥有数十年的实践经验, planning and assessment. He was the founding Director of Weave Academy.

Linda SuskieLinda Suskie

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Linda Suskie is an internationally recognized consultant, writer, speaker, and educator on a broad variety of higher education assessment and accreditation topics. Her books include Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, one of the best-selling books on assessment in higher education, and Five Dimensions of Quality: A Common Sense Guide to Accreditation and Accountability.

Linda worked seven years as a vice president at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Her higher education experience includes work in assessment, institutional research, strategic planning, and quality management.

Linda has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in assessment, educational research methods, writing, statistics, and developmental mathematics. 她拥有约翰霍普金斯大学的定量研究学士学位和爱荷华大学的教育测量和统计硕士学位.

Tancy Vandecar-BurdinTancy Vandecar-Burdin

Director, Social Science Research Center,
Old Dominion University

Dr. Tancy Vandecar-Burdin是老道明大学社会科学研究中心(SSRC)的主任. She has been with the SSRC since its inception in 1998. She as more than 20 years of experience with survey research (to include phone, mail, and web surveys) as well as conducting focus groups and interviews. 她与教职员工和其他研究伙伴合作,支持他们的研究和数据收集需求,并负责SSRC运营的日常管理, as well as serving as project manager or principal investigator for most of the SSRC’s projects. 她教授刑事司法本科课程以及公共政策和调查研究研究生课程. 她管理的调查研究和其他评估活动涉及各种主题,包括:为大学和社区学院STEM/网络安全学生提供的项目/服务, awareness of campus suicide prevention resources, perceptions of mental health and substance abuse services in Virginia and New Hampshire, general quality of life in southeast Virginia, and the experiences of families with receiving early intervention services in Virginia. Dr. Vandecar-Burdin还是ODU机构审查委员会的主席,也是美国公众意见研究协会(AAPOR)的成员。, the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO).


Our History

Continuous improvement is in our DNA. It’s who we are.

Since our founding in 2006, Weave has been committed to the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. Over the years, we have continued to evolve our solutions and capabilities.

Weave Timeline


WEAVEonline was born on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. 一个专业的评估团队决定开发一个基于web的技术解决方案,以解决学术评估中的困难挑战.

Performance Cloud / Academic Effect

Weave began the design and development of a comprehensive institutional platform. 该框架是在布莱克斯堡弗吉尼亚理工大学举行的Weave Connections评估会议上发布的, VA.


We combined the best of both worlds and returned to our roots and the name Weave. After more than a decade and 500+ members, Weave目前正在提供其第四代软件应用程序,这些软件是由一个具有多年校园经验的教育专业团队设计的.

Our Collaborative Community

We understand that software alone isn’t enough to improve outcomes. 我们的目标是将现有社区中的人们聚集在一起,并将其作为更大的Weave社区的一部分. 这个扩展的社区由来自世界各地的学院和大学的评估和规划专业人员组成,他们分享最佳实践, tips, and advice with each other.

We’re fortunate to work in a field where the users of our software share their ideas with us. It enables us to continuously improve our tools for everyone. As members of the Weave team我们的工作是保持这种反馈文化,帮助我们更好地服务于Weave用户大家庭.